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September 01, 2019

First let me explain the idea behind “Git Add Remote” and why I am playing off the git command “git remote add.” This site, generally, will focus on two high-level topics. Modern development practices and technologies, and the idea that a remote work-force is often a win-win for the employee and the company the work for.

The number one priority is to have a place where I can post articles about software development. Initially, much of the content will be focused on JavaScript technologies, but in the future will also explore mobile development as well. As a Java developer for over ten years, I am transitioning to a more modern tech stack, and this site is where I am allowed to voice my successes and failures as I work towards mastering the entire stack.

The second, but a very close second, priority for this site is to explore the idea of a remote work-force. I will explore the benefits and challenges of having a remote workforce from both the employee and company perspective. I will deliberately seek out those that have been practicing remote work and try to learn their lessons and at the end of the day show who should be working remote, why it is beneficial in so many instances, and what it takes to make it work.

A roadmap is in the works so you can all track what I am planning on doing on the site, but for sure GDPR compliance is coming soon. As is a dedicated series with posts detailing each significant change I make to the site from a code perspective.

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