Git Add Remote

Git Add Remote Initial Commit

September 07, 2019

I have written many blog posts on different blogs in the past. This time however, I am starting a new adventure using tools that are largely new to me. While I have worked with raw JavaScript, and JavaScript based tools for about 20 years, Gatsby is a brand new world to me. It combines much of what I already know with new technologies I am actively working to master such as Node, React and GraphQL. Working with a complete focus of direction to living and breathing JavaScript based technologies coupled with a focus on proper work management via remote work and asynchronous communication, to say I am excited is an understatement.

Git Add Remote Begins

In this blog I‌ will be writing about different areas of development through the lens of working as, or managing a, developer. The development tutorials and topics discussed in regards to software development will initially be focused on JavaScript technologies in the full stack realm. We will eventually be working through topics on mobile such as iOS development with Swift, as well as Android development with Kotlin(

Further, the topics surrounding remote work, mostly presence-free, asynchronous remote work, will explore tips and best practices the industry is using to make remote culture, work. Much of this discussion will be heavily influenced, at least initially, by the model of work exemplified by Basecamp. Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, both leading partners at Basecamp, have successfully bucked the trend of what makes a “great” software business as well as what makes a great business to work for.

Why “Git Add Remote”

If you are familiar with using Git, more specifically Git commands, you will notice “git add remote” should actually be “git remote add.” My reasoning for this is that I want to convey that in this world of software development, adding remote generally can make for a happier, more talented workforce, and thus a better product. Alas, I have to say that while I like this word switch, it initially was not deliberate. When I first typed the name for our twitter account, I mistyped the order. A happy accident then, as I liked the “incorrect” version even better.

What The Tech

I have a long history with Java, and moderately long history with WordPress. In fact, part of my client business comes from creating Java applications as well as creating and hosting WordPress websites. The majority of my revenue and work comes from application development. In the past I have created these application using Java, JSF, Tomcat and Microsoft SQL Server. More recently however, I have had client work for Node.js and MongoDB API projects, with react clients. And that is largely what you will see here. While I will be feeling out my tutorial and writing style over time, I believe in creating projects to learn. This is why I plan on building small, easy to digest tutorials about Node.js, NoSQL databases, React and more.

Additionally, I will be using this blog as a learning and teaching tool for Gatsby. While I technically was a full stack developer in the past, I can’t as comnfortable make that claim when the client side is using tools like React, Angular, Vue, etc. Because of this, you will notice the blog to be a bit rough around the edges, but I hope over time that it gets more refined and robust. And of course I will document it every step of the way.

About Demian

I have been working professionally in the software world for just shy of 20 years. Starting out as a quality assurance analyst and then moving on to writing and leading small teams that write software, I have had my fair share of experiences in the corporate world. For the last few years I have run my own small agency hiring contractors for project work as needed. Throughout this time I have had various experiences with working from home and feel I have a strong grasp as to what a remote team, and a remote culture should look like.

I would not put myself in the role of an authority on the topic though and this is why, along with teaching and learning more about the modern development stack, I am creating this site. Also, at this point in my career, I am scaling back my client business to a part time effort and am interested in exploring contract work once again. This time however with a focus on high-functioning remote teams.

Let’s Go!

So there you have it. A standard opening blog post for a new blog. At this point other than the blog and my twitter account, @GitAddRemote I have no solid plans. There could be a future podcast, or maybe even a YouTube channel. But let’s take things one step at a time. While this idea of “Git Add Remote” is initially about me learning and voicing my thoughts and helping my learn by embracing the Feynman Technique, it is also about you. If this site helps anyone at all then I have just gotten the icing on top of my cake.

One Last Thing

To the point, while I will endeavour to ensure the tutorials are correct and clear, I will be operating under the philosophy of, Done is better than perfect. So let’s do this, good luck and happy learning.